Current And Proposed Subcommittees:

Finance Committee – a committee to develop the annual budget, review the dues and fee structure, identify spending needs and funding requirements.
Allan Tschorn

Bylaws Committee – a committee to maintain and update bylaws of the association as amendments are made. Also, to review current bylaws and help identify needed changes to best meet the needs of Vermont Mushers.
Currently vacant

Membership Committee - a committee to facilitate recruiting members for VTMA, review and update membership application & questionnaire, review the application process, review questionnaires and digest data into meaningful context. Membership secretary will receive applications and respond to applicants.
Ken Haggett and Laura Bedortha

Legislative Committee – a committee within VTMA who are able to keep informed of current legislative issues in Vermont (or neighboring states) which might be of interest or significance to the mushing community and communicate such information to the membership body and /or seek an official VTMA position on the topic.
Currently vacant

Communications Committee – a committee within VTMA who would help develop and produce a (quarterly) newsletter to the membership, work with website committee / webmaster to post to the site news, pictures, etc. Also, could be a publicity committee that would work on developing, producing and distributing brochures and flyers.
Judy Gilmore and Kathy Bennett

Trails Committee – a committee within VTMA that would help address trail access concerns and express an interest in staying informed on trail access topics as they would affect VT Mushers. Potential exists to help develop a trail database, indicating spring / summer / fall access vs. winter access, and motor less vs. ATV accessible trails.
Ken Haggett

Web Site Committee / Webmaster - a committee within VTMA that would research potential for our individual website (perhaps “surf” other mushing association web presence), examine social media potential and make constructive recommendations to the board and webmaster for improvements in our website.
Judy Gilmore

Please note – you do not have to be a member of the board of directors to work constructively for your mushing community. All members of VTMA are eligible to support the association with their individual talents by serving on one of the above committees.